Where are you located?

Merrimack Valley MA (based in Lowell MA)

What kind of photographer are you?

 I love natural light, creative indoor sessions, personal, and sometimes silly photography that is out of the box. 

How far in advance should we book?

The first priorities in my life are being a mother, homeschool mom, and wife.  I strive to be in the “radical middle” and keep commitments balanced in my life.  Because I look forward to shooting your session, I try and schedule something as soon as possible, but with time to plan and consider your style, interests, and how to reflect this in your photo session.

Where will we shoot?

Everywhere! Whatever best captures your style and interests. I’m snap happy! To understand your preferences, I created a q & a page to get to know you more.  

What time of day do you shoot?

Based on our time and schedule, the lighting best suited for the session, and other commitments I have…I try to be as flexible as possible. 

How long is the session?

Sessions usually last between one and a half hours, depending on the season, location, wardrobe changes, and number of people.  I don’t charge per hour because capturing what you want and what I envision is most important. I also  factor in conversation time since building a relationship is very important to me.  

Do you help us plan for our session?

Under my pinterest account, there are boards that will be a guide; Photo Session Clothing, Idea Boards, and Poses.  To better understand the type of photography you prefer, I may request that you create a board on your own pinterest account (if you have one) from my picture boards (ex.. Senior Portraits, Family Session ideas etc.), so I can assess your photography style.

When will my pictures be ready?

Because I am so excited to see the final project, I edit the pictures as soon as possible, often within a week of the session, but because I homeschool my children and have other commitments, the edited photos may not be available for a few weeks.  This time frame will be outlined in our client and photographer agreement (located under the forms page.) When the pictures are edited, I will mail you the edited photos on a USB. I am currently working on adding price packages for photos, online ordering etc. for clients.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, checks made payable to Crystal Gonsalves.